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yousweetyou [19 Nov 2005|09:46pm]
I closed the door t' my digs behind me and reached for a smoke from my coat, followed by the silver zippo that clicked open t' provide my cancer stick with the fire it needed. I snapped the lighter closed, shoved it back in my pocket, then moved to take a confident step forward before I was halted by my brain. My brain which had begun to talk way too much for one man's comforts since the gun-toting glory boys slapped that sodded chip between my ears. Well.. okay so more since I started really fightin' the fight with the scooby crew. ... alright, alright fine. Since Buffy was brought back a week ago.

My eyes lowered to the path that waited for my feet to follow it but.. s' like I couldn't move 'em no matter how many times I gave the order. That name kept ringin' in my mind. Buffy. Buffy. Buffy's back! Buffy's alive! Buffy died and now she's back and now we're all supposed t' be puppies n' kittens, right? I inhaled a pull of my cig, leaning back against the cement door of the crypt. Things weren't gonna be puppies n' kittens. Not on this side of the tracks, mate. Never were. Why should they start now? Things'll go back the way they came. She and her lackies will kick and scratch at me, she'll plant a few boots while I'm down, and there I'll be still gettin' up to pine on after her another day.

I wanted so bad t' hate her. I wanted t' strangle her and watch her.. beady little eyeballs t' pop right on out of her face.. but the more I hated her, the more I loved her, and that just made me hate her more. Bloody figure eights is what I was runnin'. She took the animal that was me and.. sodding neutered me is what she did. Blame it on the chip all you want, but I and only I will know the truth. Makes me.. do things like promise to watch over her li'l sis. I made th' promise and I'll keep my word t' be the li'l nibblet's meat shield but, honestly, what-the-hell-made-me-do-that?

"My sodding limp noodle, that's what," I said out loud to myself and flicked the dead butt off into the trees somewhere. Maybe it'll catch something on fire and the whole cemetary would burn. Bring the marshmallows, kiddies. It's crematorium day at the Sunny-D Six Feet Under Club.

I was just about to turn around and go back into my crypt with the abandoned thought of stalking the Slayer behind that tree in her yard for the night -- that'd become my new hobby, admittedly -- because I knew she didn't deserve what I had t' offer. Not like the nibblet needed me anymore what with big sister roaming about again. Time for me to sit back, open a bottle of Jack, and wallow in the self pity that comes with being so obsessed for something you so dearly hate.

And then the breeze brought her to me. I turned my eyes over my shoulder and smelled the air again. She was already in the cemetary. Coming to visit.. me?

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changemyattempt [19 Nov 2005|09:26pm]
The night's welcoming darkness was enveloping him from all sides. The only enemy to this desolate, dark wasteland of night was the headlamp on the front of the motorcycle that preceeded him. Spike's eyes were stoic, glued to the road but seeing only the past that had driven him to such an end. In all his memories he could think of nothing he loved to do more than take the lives of the pitiful humans that plagued this planet; especially the slayers. How much had he enjoyed watching their blood spill drop by drop into crimson pools beneath their feet until the life faded from their fear-filled eyes? There was no method of measurement. Yeah, he liked causing death. A lot.

Then came Buffy. Time and time again he went head to head with the slayer and for what? The elaborate schemes, the ambushes and onslaughts, even go so far as to find the Ring of Amara. Twice, no thanks to Angel. A shotgun slug to the forehead seemed like a right nice idea at the time but had he never ventured to cut out the fun and end it easily in her back yard that night he would have never seen those tears of pain in her eyes. She would've never broken him. That slayer had greater power than the others through that, he figured, and that's what made her exceptionally dangerous. Every look weakened him faster than any blow ever would.

Who had gone too far this time, he wondered? Each time Buffy rubbed her thighs Spike thought it was for him. She'd led him on and played him like an instrument for her own sick amusement. She wanted him in that bathroom. She'd given all the signals. She got what she deserved, right? No, not with that look she gave him. Looking on him like he was a monster just like when they were trying to kill each other. That look of hate had long since festered into sour milk to the point that he'd drink himself into stupor every time she flashed it at him. If she hated him so much, why did she do the things she did? Why'd she give him the moments that she gave? Why'd the one that was supposed to be the most pure treat him more like a demon when evil continually opened its arms to him? WHY?!

With a bellowing howl of anger, Spike planted his feet on the motorcycle's pegs and launched himself backward and off the bike, sending it flying off the road and into a tree, leaving it a burning, twisted heap of metal.

"You stupid bitch!" He yelled into the night at the top of his lungs, his fists clenched hard enough to turn his knuckles white. "Play ME will you?! Treat ME like a can o' worms t' be fed to the fishes?! BUGGER THAT!" He began to pace back and forth in the middle of the road. "Ya tell me that ya hate me, but you'll still part the panties when I come callin', won't you? Look at me like you want to wear my heart as a necklace and then drive a sodding STAKE in it when your... bloody.. PERMANENT PMS acts up again, right?!" His hand dove roughly into the inside pocket of his trench coat and he hurriedly pulled a cigarette out of the box with a little difficulty considering his hands trembling from the anger that had set his entire being aflame, though his speech didn't miss a beat. "Tormenting yourself, is it?! You're the cause of your own pain?! PSH RIGHT!" He shoved the cigarette between his lips and threw the rest of the pack down the road before working to get out his lighter. "Tormented you my sodding...f.. gh.." he struggled to find more words to say while simultaniously attempting to light the cigarette shaking between his lips. ".. go to sodding hell and save me a room you trollop! You'll get what you deserve, mark my words!" He pointed downward at the street to his left. "Say you wanna let go of it all," and then turns to point at his right, "but you keep openin' your legs when ol' Spike is wanderin' about! Get it right, mate! I wouldn't fuck you for practice!"

He stood there, staring down the street down which he'd just travelled the miles away from Buffy's house. He took a long drag of his cigarette and exhaled through his nose, finally managing to calm his hate down long enough to form a comprehensable thought. ".... I don't even want ta bloody kill you anym--"

In his tirade he hadn't heard the engine of the Cadillac DeVille that had been speeding down the road. The only thing that grabbed his attention away from himself was the headlights that'd begun to shine around him from behind. He looked over his shoulder and, with a stunngingly intellectual, "BLOODY HELL!" leapt forward and onto his stomach a mere foot away from the car's front bumper. The vehicle skidded off the street and slammed headfirst into a tree much in the same fashion of the motorcycle he somehow knew he'd regret wrecking in the not-too-distant future. Spike quickly pulled himself to his feet and stared bewildered at the wrecked car. His brow lowered, narrowing his eyes curiously.

Before he could take a step toward it, the driver's side door opened and a female leg smoothly slid out until a single black slipper touched the grass, followed by another, and then what seemed to be a black haired living doll raised herself upward until she stared right at the shell-shocked vampire, slowly wiping what appeared to be blood from her lip. His eyes widened a little as though a revalation had been sent headlong into his brain. The messenger of his salvation.. once more welcomes herself into his life. But would she welcome him?

"... Dru..." he almost whispered...

Right before the human who had been originally driving the car slumped out of the driver's seat and onto the ground at the raven haired princess' feet.

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la_champions [05 Jun 2004|11:00pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

"PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME NOW!" I sang at the top of my lungs to the CD I had in my car's deck, pausing to take drinks from the bottle I held in my lap. Duran Duran. Not quite as top-notch as the Sex Pistols but they do in a pinch. "IS THERE SOMETHING I SHOULD DO? IS THERE SOMETHING I SHOULD SAY... THAT'LL MAKE YOU COME MY WAY? BOW BOW CHICKA BOW BOW.... wait a tick.."

I slammed my foot down on the brakes and listened to the tires screech upon the pavement as the car came to an abrupt halt from ninety miles per hour. Not bad if I do say so. My hand reached for the handle and I threw the door open before stepping out into the smoke caused by the tires in the dark of night which blanketed the highway, the only lights being those that shone from the front of the car right onto a big green sign on the side of the road which I read aloud while fishing a cigarette from my coat pocket, "Now Entering Los Angeles City Limits. That so.." I flicked my zippo open and ignited the tip of my cigarette, taking a drag. My eyes travelled further down the highway. I could see all the pretty sparkling lights from the city way out here, each looking like a clump of yellow and orange and white stars. My eyes narrowed in thought.

My original plan was to return to Sunnydale to make that blonde slayer's life a living hell or, better yet, just end her life. It was, after all, completely her fault for what Dru did. That slayer pushed my raven haired terror away from me to go with that... sodded.. chaos demon. Ugh. But as I stared at the lights of LA, smoking my cigarette, I sat down on the hood of the car to think. What happens after I kill the slayer? What purpose will I have in my long afterlife? Not that Sunny-d posed much challenge beyond Buffy what with all the nancy boy highschool kids frolicking about and hell knows I love a challenge.

That's why LA was looking particularly beautiful tonight.

I stood up from the hood of my car and took a couple steps toward the city. "What of it, Spike?" I asked to myself. "D'you want just a chip... or the whole sodded bag'a ruffles? Mmmh.." I consumed another mouthfull of smoke. "Kill the slayer.. or have a whole city quakin' under my boots? Quite a -tough- -choice-. The real question is.. what would be more fun?"

It only took a moment for me to make my mind up. My chin lifted and I pursed my lips in a defiant 'here comes daddy' fashion. "Bugger the slayer. Bugger Dru. Bugger this whole sodded world. It's time for a science experiment, kiddies! Sociology 101. What happens when the Big Bad takes over the Big Town? My hypothesis? Bloody good times, mate. Let's make this one a night ta remember."

I flicked my cigarette off into god knows where simultaniously swirling around to the driver's side of my car. I opened it up and got in the seat, threw it in gear, and let the pedal meet the metal.

Time ta change the rules.

3 souls lost | lose yourself

[02 Jun 2004|07:17pm]
[ mood | drained ]

I reached the tunnel underneath the street that Carita's was on and managed to find the appropriate ladder after a few moments. Should've brought a sodded flashlight. I pulled myself up the ladder step for step then pulled my trench coat up over my head, forgetting that there was already a hole burned into the thing. A deep breath and a count of three later the manhole cover was opened and I was rushing as quickly as my two little legs could carry me into the door and down into the sanctuary.

Ahh. The smell of booze and bad entertainment. My kinda place. And... it was real quiet in here.

Even though smoke was billowing from my knickers I looked as calm and casual as I could manage while I approached the bar under the eyes of other onlookers. Everyone looked so disturbed. I lifted both arms in a 'what?' manner before I noticed Lorne standing there in the middle of nowhere with an apple in his hand. I walked up to him and gave him a friendly swat on the back.

"What's with the apple, mate?" I questioned. "Gonna start servin' fruit salad with complimentary shots? That'd be nice."

(( for Lorne and Faith with love XD ))

lose yourself

Hellmouth of LA [02 Jun 2004|03:43pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

It's the hair. It's gotta be. Why else would I attract such negative responses from .. well .. everyone? They call me crass and rude? Pfuh. I call it self defense. You spout at me an' I'm spoutin' right back. Tha's the law.

I retreated the sun-soaked glass doors that I'd begun retreating to as to locate the sewer access from inside the building, hoping it wasn't in Angel's office from which I'd just come, leaving Lilah, soulboy-nancyhair, and she-devil Faith to their business.

"Bloody hell," I grumbled to myself, pausing my annoyed gait long enough to take inventory of my surroundings. "Need a bleedin' map o' Disneyland just t' find where things are 'round 'ere."

I mean how hard could it be to find a sewer access. Where's the signs? All I wanted was to make my way to Caritas, get insanely drunk, play my hand at billiards and be on my merry way.

(( open to Faith ))

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sodamnscrewed [29 May 2004|04:34pm]
"Give me a break, here, it's not easy to be convincing when you're stuck in the body of a teenage girl."

"Give YOU a break?" I snorted a chuckle at the notion, raising my eyebrows to compliment my reply. I raised my hands in a sarcastically apologetic manner, "Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot you were pulled out of an eternity of peaceful bliss to do some sodded errand for someone who won't even tell you what her name is. I mean," I rolled my eyes with a snicker, finding this whole thing sort of entertaining, "what was I -thinking-?"

Entertaining, maybe, but at the same time this game of freeze tag I seemed to be losing was really starting to itch my nerves. Patience was not one of my virtues. "Quit trying t' blow up my bubble, pet," I drolled almost boredly when my past was once again detailed and commended. "I know what I did b'fore but you seem to poke a bit of fun in reminding me that you know aaaaall about me and not informin' me of a bloody thing about you." I sat myself back down in my previous seat and flopped my hands down on my lap, looking toward the girl with an annoyed sideglance.

"Look, whether you want to help me or not, I brought you back with that amulet, and you're tied to me for the time being. So just hang out awhile, okay?"

"I know I ain't got but a choice to sit 'ere n' listen to you drag on about how special you are so let's skip the dillies and get to the sodded point. Keep spoutin' like you really know me like I was a history book but let me present Spike's fun fact of the day." I leaned forward on the table, a dangerous look falling over my features while I allowed my voice to drop, "You ain't got no idea who you summoned 'ere, love."

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sodamnscrewed [27 May 2004|06:24am]
I nearly snorted a chuckle from surprise at this offering, raising my brows as such a sound was accompanied with a resounding, "Me?!" I pressed a palm to my chest. "You want ME to run about your soldier boys?" A leader? A general of some vast army led by some kook hard up to take over more than the world?

Gee. No pressure.

"Sorry mate, but you conjured the wrong crook," I said pointedly while I stood myself up out of the chair. "Top that, I'm not much a pack puppy. I don't play well with others. So then," I sniffed, "mighty convincing as you are," no sarcasm there, noOOOoo, "I've got a few hours nappin' ta do before my alarm goes off in, oh I don't know," my eyes rolled upward in mock thought, "eternity. If you'll be right kind to put me back in my little amulet..."

I paused, a look of sudden shocking realization coming over my face. My brows knitted together as I studied the filly in front of me suspiciously. "Who are you?" I questioned. "And how do you know my name?"

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Hellmouth of LA [27 May 2004|06:22am]
I half flew through the front doors into Wolfram & Hart bowling over god knows how many people on my way. Not like I was going to take the time to stop and fry in the rising sunlight to offer a polite 'oh pardon me'. Soon as I hit the lobby floor I half tripped over myself throwing my coat off of me and spinning around with a resounding, "AAAAAAAUGH!!!" Followed by the Mexican hat dance on my leather trench coat to extinguish the flame that'd begun to burn on it. Once that task was complete I panted to catch my breath.

"Someone really needs to devise a way to block out that sodded thing," I complained in reference to the big bright star which served as my mortal and undefeatable enemy. After taking a breath I reached down to pick my coat up off the floor and held it outward, presentable like... and stared right through a hole that'd burned through the leather. "Bugger the days I should've never woke up. This sodded luck won't end! What mirror did -I- break?" Sighing I returned the coat over my arms and pulled the collar straight upon my shoulders. A brief look around the lobby and my boots were headed toward the inner walls of the building.

I wasn't used to this sort of emptiness though it -was- only seven o'clock in the morning. I opened and stepped through the wooden double doors into Angel's office without knocking (pff.. like I need to?). "Angelcakes, you around?" I asked before even bothering to take a look around. "Bet you are. I can smell hair gel from the lobby."

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Hellmouth of LA [27 May 2004|06:21am]
At this point I was convinced that the night couldn't get any worse. That is until I stepped into the building and advanced the elevator only to find them shut off. "... fan-bloody-tastic," I half growled at myself, knowing now I was forced to take twenty two flights of stairs.

"As if life here wasn't bad enough already," I argued at myself while I stepped one stair at a time up .. and up .. and up .. and up, "and it wasn't bad enough that only ONE slayer was trekin' about town now there's TWO and I can barely stand a ONE of them. Curse MY sodded luck! And I thought life was horrid when I got my soul back and turned into a nancy boy like -some- vampires I know. Not going to name names but at least -my- hair stays in place naturally."

This went on the entire ascent to the twenty second floor. I opened the stairway door and fished my keys out of the lower pocket of my coat, jingling them until I found the proper one. Upon holding up to where the knob was supposed to be I found instead a line of crime scene tape. With a blink I lifted my eyes to the innards of my dwelling only to find the place completely ransacked complimented by bullet holes in the walls and windows. Not even my liquor cabinet had gone undamaged.

I just stared at it for a few minutes.

Then with a sigh I turned around and began BACK down the twenty two flights of stairs toward the lobby. I could only imagine what went on but I had a years' wages to bet that Faith was involved. Slayers and vampires do not mix, kids, for this reason alone. Slayers give vampires the worst luck imaginable. Worse even than breaking mirrors.

Alright, so now that I was homeless I knew there was no way the night could get worse. But then I reached the lobby and looked outside the glass doors only to come to the realization that night was over. The sky had already begun to turn blue from the sun threatening to rise on the horizon.

Four blocks to Wolfram & Hart.

"Remind me to send Faith a bloody nice 'thank you, bite me' letter," I grumbled to myself and pulled my coat up over my head..

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Hellmouth of LA [27 May 2004|06:20am]
The world was in such a twirl I could barely conceive a rational thought. It felt as though I was dreaming even when concious hadn't abandoned me. I think I was in the back seat of a car but how I got there remained an unanswered question. My mind had become a mariad of cobwebs and I was simply trying to navigate them without much success.

I could comprehend that someone was talking to me but what exactly was being said wasn't comprehending. It was a female. When I swayed my head to look in the direction from which the voice came all I saw was a dark blur silhouetted by the street lamps behind her which simply looked as one solid stream of light to me.

"Yes, I understand," I found myself saying without realizing it.

I guess the car came to a stop but it didn't feel like it. Reason being the blurry form in front of me reached over and opened the door next to me, then shoved me clean out of the vehicle and onto the sidewalk onto which I fell as a wad of goo. I lied there, looking up, I could see that this wasn't an empty part of the neighborhood. Whoever it was dumped me right into the crowd.

"Bugger this," I said to myself and tried to stand up though I think I made it as far as a half sit before I fell over again. My limbs just didn't want to work for me anymore. "That's right, think I'll take a li'l nap." I let my head return to the pavement only to be confronted by some overcurious mortal. I swung an arm at him absently. "Sod off, mate!" I said to defend him off. "Let a bloke simmer in silence!" He nabbed what appeared to be a cell phone from his jeans pocket and began to utilize it. "Peaches," I grumbled. "What the hell did I do to deserve all this bloody love." I rolled onto my back. Funny thing is.. I thought I was actually talking to somebody.

"I hate this planet."

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Hellmouth of LA [27 May 2004|06:18am]
When my eyes finally opened what laid before me was nothing short of memories returning to home. Though my vision was still a bit blurred from what happened that night after my run-in with the fabulous elite force known as the LAPD.. I say with much sarcasm.. I could tell I was in some sort of musty cavern.. or dungeon.. or some sort of rather unceremonious vampire-esque sort of scenario. I tried to move my hand to my face only to find that both my arms were suspended by means of chains up over my head. So this is what it feels like to be a feeding toy, ey?

I did the best I could to decipher information about my surroundings but the only way in or out that I could see from where I hung was a tunnel in front of me that led to god knows where.. and though the scent in the air was quite musty I could make out one defining characteristic. No way in hell could this be going on. Had to be a misinterpretation.

"Well isn't this bloody perfect," I noted to absolutely no ears other than my own after the quick defining of my predicament, finding that my jaw hurt to even speak. "Done it again, Spike. Go off wagin' war on the local commies and look what it gets you." I looked up to where my bonds were suspended. Yup.. I was going nowhere fast. A smell struck my senses that sparked a bit too familiar in my overabused brain. The kind of smell that would sicken a mortal -- what with its sugary death sorta ambiance -- but to me it could only belong to one. I squinted my eyes and stared suspiciously down the tunnel.

"Dru?!" I called to the darkness. I had to be mistaken. That's it.. just a jolt to the noggin was all. SHE couldn't be behind this sort of mess...

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